EU political trends

Deconstructing EU political processes

Do you feel that decisions reached in Brussels, even the legislation emanating from those decisions, are developed within an impenetrable black box? Are you sometimes mystified by the failure of lobbyists to make a difference? Do you get the impression that policy, legislative and regulatory outcomes are somehow random or illogical? Is the relationship between EU Member State agendas and the agenda of EU institutions a matter of concern to you?

Finger on the pulse

Stratos European Policy is here to demystify and deconstruct EU political processes and longer run trends for the benefit of your business. We have our finger on the pulse not just in Brussels, but also in the capital cities of the most important Member States. Through a careful appraisal of the priorities and wishes of national governments and politicians, we are on occasion able to deduce policy outcomes before Brussels officials have even proposed them.

What our clients say

"Stratos European Policy provides a quality of appraisal of European policy formation unsurpassed in the world of investment management."

"We have often relied on the incisive analyses delivered to us by Stratos, in order to sharpen our ability to spot policy risks facing our businesses within the EU."