Policy Interpretation

A nuanced approach

Many companies rely on industrial and financial news services, on legal advisors or on conventional management consultants for the provision of information about policies, legislation, and regulation which may affect their business. This is fine for dealing with straightforward compliance and with immediate financial impact assessment. When it comes to longer term political developments and sometimes subtle impacts of what may seem to be peripheral areas of policymaking, however, a more nuanced approach could help.

Tailored to your business

Stratos European Policy can work out for you which areas of EU policy (whether trade, industrial, social, financial, monetary or agricultural for example) are relevant to your business and what to do about them. We do not offer lobbying services in the classical sense, but we do have an excellent understanding of how decisions are reached in Brussels and how those decisions may evolve over time. If there is an EU pending or proposed policy adjustment, which you suspect is important for your own decision making, but the course of which is obscure, come to us for enlightenment and a superior evaluation.

What our clients say

"Stratos European Policy provides a quality of appraisal of European policy formation unsurpassed in the world of investment management."

"We have often relied on the incisive analyses delivered to us by Stratos, in order to sharpen our ability to spot policy risks facing our businesses within the EU."