Policy risk analysis

EU policy related risks and opportunities

Has your business been affected by EU related surprises in recent years? Were you for example expecting in 2009 a global extension of the European crackdown on greenhouse gas emissions, which in fact never materialised? Or had you thought in 2010, when bail-outs for Greece, Portugal and Ireland were being arranged, that by 2013 the Euro as a single currency would be in such trouble? And did you foresee the consequences of the UK referendum about membership of the EU in 2016? In the experience of Stratos European Policy many businesses, whether in manufacturing, services or finance, routinely over-estimate or under-estimate the risks posed to them by policy initiatives and policy mistakes. At worst such risks may be totally ignored.

Opening new European avenues

The flipside of policy risk is policy opportunity. If you engage Stratos European Policy to conduct an EU policy related audit of your business operations, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn how some EU decisions and laws could open for you new avenues in other European countries.

What our clients say

"Stratos European Policy provides a quality of appraisal of European policy formation unsurpassed in the world of investment management."

"We have often relied on the incisive analyses delivered to us by Stratos, in order to sharpen our ability to spot policy risks facing our businesses within the EU."